Crystal Solutions - Privacy policy D.lgs 196/2003

The protection of your personal data is one of our priorities.

In the following you will find the privacy policy that you will need to agree when registering to any service at

Personal data collected through registration procedures to Aethia Srl services will be recorded in a electronic format. Databases are owned by Aethia Srl, Legal address: Via Ribes, 5 10010 Colleretto Giocosa - Bioindustry Park Canavese; Aethia's managing director will be the responsible for the data treatment procedure.

User's personal data will be processed by Aethia Srl with respect to privacy regulation principles according to the Italian law D.lgs 196 of 30 June 2003 and by other effective regulations. The informative report concerns personal data sent by the user during registration, and the present web site navigation.

Aethia Srl processed the users personal data according to all the treatments prescribed by the Italian law (D.lgs 196/2003) - i.e. collection, registration, organization, storage, processing, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, use, interconnection and any other operation required to supply the services we are required to perform, including communication to third parties, where necessary - mainly with automatic and digitalized methods.
The data may also be organized in data banks or archives. In particular, the purposes of the treatment will be the following:

  • to deliver the required services;
  • to provide information and/or send communication regarding the services;
  • to partecipate to contests eventually connected to the services;
  • to accomplish to all the accounting and fiscal fulfilments;
  • to identify the responsible in case of crime concerning wrong data treatment when specific request by competent authrities is perfomed.

In case the user gives esplicit user agreement:

  • to provide the informations and/or offers about Aethia's services or its affiliated/controlled companies; Aethia Srl commits itself to do not give its customers data to third parties;
  • to check the quality of the offered services and promote post-selling services;
  • to send commercial informations regarding Aethia's products and initiatives;
  • to meet market and statistical surveys, as well as market and trends analysis.

The customer will have the possibility to access his data in every moment and to exercise the rights acknowledged by the Italian law (art. 7 D. lgs 196/2003).

Aethia Srl informs that, according to the Italian law (art. 7 D. lgs 196/2003), users have the right to:

  • to be acknowledged about the treatment concerning his data;
  • to be informed about the essential data of the regular responsible for the treatment;
  • to obtain from the regular responsible of the treatmet: confirmation of the personal data storage, data noticing, the reason and the purpose of the treatment;
  • to ask for the cancellation, anonymization or the blocking of the data not treated with respect to the law;
  • to update, correct and integrate the data;
  • to obtain a declaration that any data modification has been notified to the owners;
  • to oppose, completely or partially, to the data treatment because of legitimate reasons;
  • to change their agreement and oppose, completely or partially, data treatment commercial and market purposes.