Professional Services

The Crystal Solutions team offers to the CRYSTAL users both professional services to install and use CRYSTAL, and ready-to-use solutions with the better hardware able to meet customers specific issues and to use CRYSTAL efficiently.

Consulting Services

We have a world-leading expertise in the ab-initio modelling of materials and we can offer our knowledge and share our experience to your organization to tackle specific research problems.
Our team can help you to use the CRYSTAL code at its best, avoid mistakes and increase your efficiency.
Collaborations are based on full- or part-funding of studentships. Well-trained students will work on short or long-term projects to find solutions to your specific research requirements.

Installation Support

Our professionals are at your disposal to manage complex installations, e.g. for computer centers, or to provide support to your technicians for any question.


The Theoretical Chemistry Group of the University of Torino organizes annually international schools on the ab initio simulation of solids in different locations.   See upcoming Schools »

Third Parties Researches

The authors of CRYSTAL, the Theoretical Chemistry Group of the University of Turin, in compliance with its primary scientific and didactic function, carries out also researches on behalf of public and private institutions, companies, associations, foundations, to find additional resources to the ordinary ones allocated to the institutional activities of the University.

If you are interested in our Services, please contact us for more information.