Crystal-ready Solutions

CRYSTAL oriented solutions

Crystal Solutions team is specialized in delivering CRYSTAL oriented and ready to use hardware and software solutions, able to meet customers specific issues and to use CRYSTAL efficiently.

If you are going to invest effectively in an advanced computing infrastructure, you need to take into account not just the initial investment but also all the aspects related to systems management in time, starting from operating cost to hardware and software maintenance. To rely on a qualified and serious partner means getting the maximum from your investment throughout all the systems life cycle.

Our solutions provide:
  • maximum performance in the execution of application codes, throughout a careful choice of hardware components
  • high availability, both for software (stability) and for hardware (minimum number of failures)
  • scalability and flexibility, in order to be able to expand the computing capacity in time
  • easy of useness, both for users and for administrators
  • reduction of purchasing and operational costs

Choose Crystal-ready Solutions means to receive a specific advice that helps you manage as best as you can all the aspects and issues related to systems and software usage. This added value is essential to be able to fully exploit all CRYSTAL potential, turning it into a real competitive advantage.

Scalable solutions

The CRYSTAL-ready solutions enable users to optimally size their systems, choosing the appropriate balance of computing, memory IO and storage capability.

CRYSTAL-ready 2301

Entry level systems with 2 processors and up to 256 cores. Ideal for individual researchers or small groups.

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CRYSTAL-ready 2302

A small cluster with 4 nodes and a up to 1024 total cores, expandable. The best combination of price/performance.

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CRYSTAL-ready 2303

The top level system. A NUMA cluster for data centers. Modular, scalable, maximum performance, ease to manage.

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