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    for solid state chemistry and physics.


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Crystal is a general-purpose program for the study of crystalline solids. The CRYSTAL program computes the electronic structure of periodic systems within Hartree Fock, density functional or various hybrid approximations.


MPP extension

The massive parallel version (distributed memory) of CRYSTAL14 is supplied as object files Unix/Linux/MacOSX for a number of supported architectures.


CRYSCOR extension

CRYSTAL14 for Windows is supplied as self extracting file, including the graphical package Crgra, and a Windows interface to prepare the input and submit jobs.

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CRYSTAL lets you perform consistent studies of the physical and chemical properties of molecules, polymers, surfaces and crystalline solids:

  • Structural features
  • Vibrational properties
  • Electronic structure
  • Magnetic properties
  • Dielectric properties
  • Elastic properties

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